Children's Vision Care more than just a measure of sight

The Ann Arbor Clinic for Vision Enhancement specializes in helping children achieve optimum visual function and eye coordination. Although vision screenings are important, they are not complete eye examinations. Our pediatric eye examination is more than just a measure of sight. We evaluate a child's vision, that is, test for eye teaming, focusing, depth perception, visual tracking and other visual perceptual disorders. Vision includes the gathering of information by the eyes, the processing of the visual information by the brain, and the integration of that information with the body. Any breakdown in this complex system can contribute to decreased academic performance.

Many bright, gifted children with 20/20 distance eyesight suffer from vision problems that can create barriers to learning. The efficient processing and understanding of visual information requires certain visual skills such as good coordination and hand-eye coordination. These skills are necessary for optimal learning.

Vision therapy improves the way a child gathers and processes visual information. We can teach children to more efficiently use both eyes as a team. We can train the eyes to focus and relax, as well as increase the accuracy of eye movements used in reading. In addition, we treat visual perceptual deficiencies such as visual-motor integration, visual analysis and visual memory.

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Erica Johnson Carder, OD, MS, FAAO, Pediatric & Developmental Optometrist
Rachelle Valenzuela, BA in Communication Disorders, Vision Therapist
Stephanie Jeffrey, Vision Therapist
Vanessa Robles, Vision Therapist

More information can be found at the Ann Arbor Clinic for Vision Enhancement website.

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